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It is always a challenge to establish a proton CKD factory. But by the grace of Almighty Allah we have manage to set up the factory which is fully equipped to assemble a vehicles with proper painting facility and maintaining international standard. Besides assembling, we are also manufacturing some of the parts in our factory.

Having an Automobiles factory is just not assembling or producing some parts it is the pride of our country as well. We hope and pray our respected customers also feel the same patriotism while purchasing their Transport.

We have a thriving garments industry.InshaAllah, I believe that we will have an Automobile industry which will create more scope of employment and young Engineers will be able to find Job opportunities And I believe that day is not far away when we don’t have to use recondition cars by importing it from Abroad. We want the people of our country to use quality proton cars at affordable prices which are made in Bangladesh made by PHP Automobiles.

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